Curb Chain Necklace

Curb Chain Necklace

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Step your layering game up with this thick curb chain link necklace. Handmade in Atlanta by female owned jeweler Admiral Row.
Clasp: Lobster
Chain Length: 20 inches; Thickness: 4mm. Hypoallergenic. 

14k gold filled (this necklace won’t tarnish with proper care — kind to your wallet and the planet.)

Care Info from designer:

"14K Gold-Filled Jewelry is one step below 14k gold and by far the best material to use for quality and affordability. Unlike gold-plated jewelry that is electroplated over brass; gold-filled jewelry involves an outer layer of 14k gold that is pressure-bonded to the brass base metal and contains at least 5% gold by weight. This technique is more durable than plated and vermeil jewelry and provides a longer life span for your pieces with the right care. Gold-filled Jewelry is also safe for customers who may be sensitive to metal. However, please be aware that a small amount of brass is still used in gold-filled jewelry, so customers with this specific metal allergy may have a reaction to it.

We recommend that our customers avoid wearing the jewelry in water. Also, customers should avoid contact with lotion, perfume, oils, or similar substances to ensure the longevity of the chosen piece.

We recommend that our jewelry be the last item you put on when accessorizing your outfit. At the end of the day, remove your piece and run a soft cloth over it before going to bed. Do not use any polish or soap to clean the jewelry as it could strip the plating. Carefully store your jewelry to avoid tangling and scratches."