For the Conscious Daydreamer

A New Age of Design

Terreverie is a proud member of the revolution against fast fashion, which is the current reigning model of the clothing production industry. This current system consists of constantly churning out high quantities of low quality copies of insta-trends, overwhelming our closets and landfills with clothing made to fall apart or out of style. 

Our vision is to help you transform your wardrobe into the sustainable fashion trailblazer’s ideal: a smaller collection of high-quality, versatile, timeless garments mixed with statement pieces that you truly love. 

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Product Criteria:

(Must meet one or more of the following)

Made in the USA 


Certified Small Batch Production with Fair Pay

Organic, Low- or Non-Polluting Materials

Made-To-Order Products

Products Using Recycled Materials


We wrap our products in 100% recycled tissue paper, include a naturally dyed Thank You card made of recycled materials, and ship all orders in compostable poly mailers. All of our excess is either recycled correctly, reused, or upcycled. We continue to strive to keep our business as low-waste as possible.